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Léon hotel Kinshasa is a hotel belonging to the company MILTEX SPRL created on the initiative of Mr. MILANDOU N'LEMVO Gervais of Congolese nationality (Brazzaville) carrying out his economic activities between the two banks of the Congo river. Real estate developer of the group (Léon hotel Kinshasa, Léon hotel de la paix Brazzaville, Léon hotel center ville-Brazzaville), majority shareholder in MILTEX SPRL (+ 90%) with more than 30 million US dollars. He started out in the 1990s as an auctioneer in the peripherals of the TOTAL market in Brazzaville in the district 2 Bas-Congo before acquiring his first shop selling textile products located at 323, avenue de la gare routière (Marché Total ) followed by the second Boutique in Moungali (61, rue Martys). There were two others in Poto Poto and Talagai Mikalou arrondissement 6. During and some time after the deadly war which devastated Brazzaville in 1997, the canoe was the only means used to ship part of the goods to Kinshasa. He showed exceptional courage in crossing the Congo River at night on board a canoe with the rolls of fabric. This allowed the establishment of textile stores in Kinshasa. Through his know-how, he succeeded in integrating the Kinois market and managed to set up several stores selling fabrics. Over time, these shops and points of sale for textile products occupy a predominant place in the Kinshasa market. The boss and his team have devised another way to market the fabric. He began to organize his stores in a way that no one had thought of before. In 2001, MILTEX SPRL was created, whose head office is located in Kinshasa.


Brazzaville being devastated by the war, its inhabitants will find themselves for the most part in the ruins to be rebuilt. It is for this purpose that Mr. MILANDOU directs his ideas otherwise himself having also lost his villa. A new reflection that came after the event, to no longer rebuild your dwelling house which does not produce but is oriented towards a resource-generating activity. Hence the Léon Brazzaville hotel at the end of the war as the objective of receiving the expected investors for the reconstruction of the city. The progress of this activity led it to erect a second hotel on the avenue de la paix Poto Poto district 3 as the objective of meeting increased demand. He created a hotel company called "LEON HOTEL", the name of Léon Hôtel Kinshasa, thus refers to the famous Léon hotel (Piscine de Gaimon) as the objective of connecting the hotels of Brazzaville and that of Kinshasa. Léon hotel is now located in Kinshasa and Brazzaville and currently has more than 150 rooms with the aim of accommodating or accommodating customers in its facilities in Kinshasa. The prospects are to duplicate LEON HOTEL in new regions. The brand has started major renovations in its three establishments with a view to standardizing them.

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